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We have over 20 years experience in painting, and have probably painted every building and surface type out there! We specialise in the following areas across commercial, residential and strata maintenance:

- Interior and exterior, including roof painting

- Texture and special effects coatings

- Deck re-finishing and timber revival

- Graffiti removal

- Application of protective coatings

The Painting Process

We believe the key to a great paint job is in the detail  - we are experts at preparing our surfaces to obtain an optimal painting surface for a perfect finish every time. Other companies may skip this detail with the result being a paint job that might only last half the time. 

We first remove all loose and flaking paint from the surfaces that need painting. We then fill any cracks and holes with surface specific fillers - we prefer to use "Poly" fillers as these have proved to be the strongest, most flexible and longest lasting fillers. We let the surface dry completely and then sand it to obtain a smooth surface for paint application.

We then wash the surface if necessary. We do this with whichever cleaning solution is appropriate for the surface - from sugar soap solutions to a high pressure clean. It is extremely important to have a clean surface so there is no dirt left in or under the paint. Again, we let the surface dry completely as this is very important.

We then prime the surface. This could be spot priming of bare and repaired areas or a complete undercoat. Which of these is carried out is job specific and is decided upon the condition of the original surface and the paint which will be used. We have extensive technical knowledge of the different types of paints and coatings we use and will always use the correct products for the job and apply it according to specifications. We don't cut corners!

After the undercoat is completely dry we apply the finishing coats. Most of the time two coats will be applied - however once again, this is job specific, and we will always ensure we apply as many coats as is needed, which will usually range from one to three coats.

Products We Use

Dulux Dulux Acratex Dulux Enviro Feast Watson Poly